Re: Cultural selection - Electronic book available for discussion

Gerold Firl (
11 Sep 1996 22:00:27 GMT

In article <>, (Agner Fog) writes:

|> Fighting internally with somebody from the same or a very similar culture is
|> not regalizing. Group-external conflicts are regalizing - group-internal
|> conflicts are the opposite.

I think that you describe a real historical trend, but I think a wider
perspective would show that the adaptation does not always follow a
path of greater regalism in the face of external conflict.

What about athens? In a time of constant warfare with sparta, surely
the best example of a rigidly "regal" society, athens actually became
*more* egalitarian.

What about post-bourbon france? Post-WWII germany? Japan? How about
the evolution of english democracy?

It seems to me that sometimes a society will adapt to external warfare
by increasing discipline and military regimentation, but not always;
sometimes an increased egalitarianism is a more adaptive response.

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