Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Eric Brunner (
11 Sep 1996 13:57:52 GMT

Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
: Lars Eighner wrote:
: > I've been meaning to ask: is "sociobiology" the polite word?
: > Or do they prefer "Social Darwinism"?
: Sociobiology is an eminently polite word. Social Darwinism is something
: quite different.

Perhaps somewhere, but not in academic anthropology (American), as a test,
one can simply ask selectionists if they are comfortable with the notion
that the two terms are interchangable (selectionism and sociobiolgy).

: If you don't understand that then you are obviously
: don't understand history.

A reading of Trigger might help understanding the evolution <g> of the
term "Social Darwinism", and of the evolution of Social Darwinists in
the history of academic anthropology (American) in particular.

: When someone resorts to implying that his opponents are Nazis then all
: hope for rational discussion is lost.

I suppose this is why dialogue is so difficult between persons who have
their identity tied to Conquest ideologies and those who have been the
recipients of the gifts of those ideologies in practice -- Americans and
Native Americans, not to put too fine a point on it.

: Steve Barnard

Eric Brunner