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11 Sep 1996 04:03:36 GMT

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>>Bryant, now be careful <g>... Sociobiological and evolutionary
>>(selectionist) frameworks are not at all one and the same... Just ask
>>guru of the latter, Dave Rindos (whom I count among my friends, even
>>he is *misguided* <g>).
>I'm not familiar with Rindos. Sociobiology is indeed a school of
>selectionism. That, after all, has been its critics' biggest bitch.

Bryant, I would check out your own anthro department's, even those
selectionsists, reaction to being termed *sociobiologists*. Really is
considered a *dirty word*, even more so than *marxist* ;-D.

As far as Rindos, he's one of the top *selectionist* archaeologists, (a
student of Dunnell, whom I assume you _have_ heard of, as the foremost
selectionist in the field whom Lenny can quote chapter and verse <g>)
and a well-renowned expert on the origins of agriculture.

MB Williams
Dept. of Anthro., UMass-Amherst