Eric Brunner (
10 Sep 1996 14:20:26 GMT

Paul Renouf ( wrote:
: In article <50pg6k$>, Eric Brunner

[responding to the post I reformatted and reposted in sci.anth.]

: Many may sympathise or want to lend their support but I doubt whether
: you will reach them on this newsgroup. Try a political group?

In the first instance, as a venue in which European scholarship of the
"other", not to mention a venue in which American Sociobiology (about
as useful as Soviet Agronomy <g>) is irrecoverably _political_, that is
about power, this suggestion is rather unconscious.

In the second instance, the original was posted in one of the Native
USENET News groups, which is where much of our (non-European) work of
ongoing political resistance to the continuous Conquest takes place,
so us ignorant savages already thought of that one without the help of
some Pommy twit <g>.

In the third place, sympathy doesn't pay rent, for large values of rent.
Something a bit more useful than empty words would be less absurd.

In the fourth place... sigh. What next? Complaints that posts about the
killing of Amazonian resistance leaders by crazed Euro-Peasants, oil and
timber exploiters and such being too "political" to stomach when Shaman
Thrillers (tm) are really what sci.anth is about?

: Paul Renouf

Finally, it was about the use of pseudo-scientific labels as if the people
had no political or civil existance that this thread, and the prior Amerind
usage thread began. I posted to put human beings behind all of the posture
and cruft in this unfortunate newsgroup.

Eric Brunner