Re: Anthroplogists, I need advice! Please help me!

Stephen Barnard (
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 21:51:29 -0800 wrote:
> In article <01bb9e17$95021a40$>, Karen writes:
> Also, what are the job opportunities for Anthropology? The
> >history job market is quite bleak!
> >
> In Anthropology your prospects are grim, especially with a name like Dan
> Levine. It's a risky thing to go into it. Do so only if you love
> anthropology and can't imagine doing anything else. I doubt the job market
> has been better in anthropology than in history.
> Jay Bernstein, Ph.D.

Color me naive. What's wrong with the name "Dan Levine"? (I know you
don't think there's anything "wrong" with it, but what puts Dan Levine
at a disadvantage in anthropology?)

Steve Barnard