Re: Feminist critique of sociobiology...critiqued

Bryant (
9 Sep 1996 10:01:17 -0600

In article <510eg5$>, Paul Gallagher <> wrote:
>In <50k9du$> (Bruce Scott TOK ) writes:
>>So what's the problem? Why do feminists see this as their enemy? I've
>>never understood why that should be the case and would be quite willing
>>to see a serious explanation. I can't believe simple misrepresentation
>>is the only reason. I hope simple caricature is not the only reason.
>Perhaps you should consider, at least tentatively, that it's because most
>human sociobiology is empty speculation, presented without evidence and
>without a tractable research program to evaluate its hypotheses.

I'll allow that some empty speculation is involved, especially in popular
press versions of sociobiology. However, a review of any recent issue of
the journals Ethology, Behavior and Brain Sciences, Human Nature,
Ethology & Sociobiology, Behavioral Ecology, Animal Behavior, etc., etc.
should correct the above-described impression of evolutionary psychology
and sociobiology.