Re: evolution everywhere?

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9 Sep 1996 21:04:46 -0600

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>Sigh indeed! These "lists" [of scientific journals in which Lenny
>could find the rigorous science he claims is missing from
>sociobiology] may be proof of "newness" to someone newly arrived
>to the planet. But not to anyone who's been around in this lifetime. Sea
>change you said? I don't see it.

Funny thing, Lenny. You aren't familiar with a one of these journals.

They have *not* been around for even one adult lifetime. They were my
illustration of how rapidly neo-Darwinism has spread throughout the sciences.
I am not terribly suprised that you missed the point, since I doubt
you've ever read a sociobiological study.

Care to guess how many of those titles are less than a decade old?
Care to stop feigning familiarity with the topics you criticize?