Re: evolution everywhere?

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Mon, 9 Sep 1996 15:33:08 GMT

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>>Is is just me or does every topic on this newsgroup evolve ;) into a
>>discussion of evolution? Just wondering why.

>I was noting the same thing. Nice, isn't it? :)

>Unlike a large proportion of ethnography, the evolutionary study of human
>behavior (the stuff of anthropology, after all) is generating an exciting
>new literature of scientifically viable ideas. I think that the
>enthusiasm for and debates about evolutionary principles reflect this sea
>change* in anthropological methods and paradigms.

A nostalgic look at the past would be my characterization. Despite the implied
newness, not to much really new has been presented in terms of method and/or
theory. I would attribute this wave of interest (versus the sea change) to a
new generation of students just now being introduced to the enticements of
social evolutionary and ecological theory. : )

>My university just recently created an evolutionary ecology track for its
>anthro students, for instance. Santa Barbara has an interdiscplinary
>Center for Evolutionary Psychology. Etc.

A likely source of enthusiasm, indeed. But does it actually reflect a mass
movement in Anthropology Departments or the field in general?

>* Alright, sea change is probably overly dramatic. But times are changin'.

Even that change is only relative.