Research among African Pastoral Peoples

Karen (
9 Sep 1996 12:20:44 GMT

A four-year project sponsored by the Belgian National Research Foundation
and centered around the theme of Social Identity among the Pastoral
Peoples of Eastern and Southern Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and
Namibia). The project started in 1995 and will finish in 1999. It entails about
2 years of intensive field research and the results of these researches will
lead to (1) a monography/PhD Dissertation in social anthropology on each
of the mentioned ethnic groups (Turkana, Maasai, Dassanetch and
OvaHimba) as well as (2) an exhibition on the theme in the Royal Museum
for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium), exhibition to be held in early
1999-early 2000. The project is co-ordinated by Dr Gustaaf Verswijver
(Royal Museum for Central Africa), Prof. Renaat Devisch (Catholic
University of Leuven, Belgium), Prof. Rik Pinxten (University of Ghent,
Belgium) and Prof. Philippe Jespers (Free University of Brussels - ULB).
Contact address: Gustaaf Verswijver, Leuvensesteenweg 13, B - 3080
Tervuren, Belgium. Tel.: ..-32-2-769 5678 or 769 5679;
Fax ..-32-2-769 5703 or 769 5642; E-mail: