Re: A note on sugar appetite
8 Sep 1996 15:05:13 GMT

Supposedly the craving for sugar, and for that matter for spicy stuff , is
learned, but the craving for salt is biologically determined. By the time
you are big it is hard to change any of these preferences. This calls to
mind the question of how sexual preferences are determined and whether they
can be changed.

As for the craving for fat, I definitely believe that a person who puts
half and half in his coffee can be weaned off that and incrementally
eventually to skim milk,

You mention David Buss and I recommend his outstanding book The Evolution
of Desire: STrategies of Human Mating (Basic Books). He says early man
didn't crave McDonalds and pizza, but McDonald's and pizza satisfies
cravings that evolved back in the pleistocene. Guy's a genius.