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> > I do believe that this here is the same genius who tried to put a racial
> > spin on the enormous salaries for selected athletes. In his on-line debate
> > with me, he demonstrated an almost complete lack of knowledge on that
> > particular subject.
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> > Consider this a consumer advisory.
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> The Author responds:
> Oh, yes, I remember you Mr. Kowalewski! You're the fool who insisted
> on totally missing the point of that prior posting, and now you have
> the absolute gall to mischaracterize what was NOT a racial spin on
> the enormous salaries of selected athletes. It was YOUR demonstrated
> complete lack of knowledge on that subject that had me giving up on
> you, you cretin!

DejaNews can be a wonderful thing. To wit, I present the original posting:

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Subject: Economic & Social Analysis of Humongous Sports Salaries
Date: 1996/07/21
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Economic & Social Analysis of Humongous Sports Salaries

Simply stated, there must be extremely high demand on the
part of sports fans in order for a market to be supported
such that you will see sports salaries skyrocket.

Why are we seeing ever escalating and unprecedented
demand on the part of sports fans?

This is a phenomenon which is a consequence of the
nature of the white male in combination with other social
factors. The white male is a very competitive creature.
However, the work-a-day world has been made far less than
competitive due to equal employment opportunity and
affirmative action. The craving for competition on the
part of the white male is vented by way of "vicarious"
competition in the world of sports - hence, sports

If anyone would like a free email copy of the multipart
treatise on the downward wage equalizing effects of
equal employment opportunity, send a brief request to: DO NOT USE THE REPLY feature
of your software! Please compose a new, ONE LINE request
and send to:

"Government enforced wage equalization will work only in the
downward direction" - despite any initial appearance to the
contrary! And if you don't think that any of this applies to
you, then you're the one who needs to read the treatise the

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Now, why don't we let our distinguished readership decide whether or not
y'all tried to put a racial spin on salaries for selected athletes? Okey

Rob K.

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