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: : <The question of whether Australian Aborigines do or don't have a
: : <more
: : <: direct relationship to Homo erectus than other races is a
: : <matter of
: : <: fact, and it should have no political overtones. In
: : <particular, such a
: : <: claim -- right or wrong -- does not necessarily imply a value
: : <judgement.

: : Of course it is a loaded question. It's the anthropological
: : equivalent of a lawyer asking the defendant "Do you still beat
: : your wife?" Bias in questioning has been an unfortuante plaque in
: : anthropology.

Hmm, broken post. Second try.

So much dubious material has been posted in this newsgroup as a collection
of individuals, for reasons which only they can answer for, "play doctor"
with labels -- "amerind", "australoid", and who is or isn't H. sapiens sapiens.





We are sending forth this Distress Signal where racism is building up at its
worst in Australia. We are Nyungah Elders from the South-West of Australia.

The Largest State in Australia is Western Australia where there is growth of
racism in the Capital City of Perth. We are the guardians and keepers of the
Ancient Religion and Culture in this area.

All streets and parks and public transport which the public is supposed to
be able to travel on freely including Aboriginal people, is under strict
surveillance by the police force and other government bodies.

Aboriginal children, teenagers, all ages and all walks of life cannot move
freely to and from their homes, to shops or to the doctors€ surgeries or
sitting at a public bus stop without being approached by the police force
and asked their names. Even accompanied by their fathers and mothers into
the City of Perth they are approached by the police and the children are
questioned, even in front of their mother and father what they are doing
in town, and their names and addresses.

Police have made raids on Aboriginal communities by heavy large numbers of
police vehicles, police officers, Alsatian dogs in vans.

Our gaols are full of Aboriginal men and women. Juvenile Detention Centres
are full of young Aboriginal boys and girls. Our young people are being
killed when the police set up High Speed Car Chases to arrest them.

It is a mass move towards total control of obedience that has splashed all
over the nation of Aboriginal People.

It is an on-going growth of Racism at its worst. It has finally crossed the
grandmother of all Rivers which is the sea and spreaded itself in a country
called Australia which has belonged since the beginning of time to the First
People, the First Inhabitants, the Blackfellas of Australia. In White
man's terms we are called "Aboriginals".
We ask the Worldwide Internet no matter where you are to support it in writing
letters to the Prime Minister of Australia Mr John Howard and his Minister
for Aboriginal Affairs Mr John Herron and all Premiers of each State of
Australia and their Ministers for Aboriginal Affairs to deal with and stamp
out this build-up of Racism against the first Inhabitants of Australia, us
the Indigenous People, the Black People, the First Owners.

Our Sacred Sites which are our Worship Places are constantly under attack.
Rich men such as John Roberts of Multiplex was given a lease in 1992 by the
Government of W.A. - $1 a year to build upon and damage and destroy our
Sacred Site of Waugal (Rainbow Serpent) on the Swan River in Perth, Western

The ex-Premier of W.A.Carmen Lawrence told the blackfellas to dig up and
take away their Sacred Things from their Sacred Places at Marandaroo in the
Pilbara area of Western Australia and she allowed a huge mining company
to mine in there in 1992.

State + Federal Governments have failed since 1988 to protect the site of
a Mass Burial Ground on Rottnest Island where our Ancestors were taken in
chains since 1838 from off their land to clear the way for the white-man.
Lately in 1995 a bitumen road has been put right across the area without
so much as talking to the Elders.

A Burial Ground in Busselton, Western Australia has been dug up in August
1996 and our Ancestors Remains have had big machines grinding their bones
into the ground and neither Government State or Federal would use their
powers to protect their Bones and the final Resting Place of our Ancestors.

The Sacred Valley of Jones Creek, the Path of Fearful Flight€, at Yackabindie
in the Goldfields of Western.Australia is still under immediate and dangerous
threat of a giant nickel mine.

We are denied the right to practise our Ancient Religion and Culture. We
cannot use our Sacred Sites freely. Our children cannot be taught our Law
in the proper way at the teaching places at the Sacred Places. Our children
have been taken away from us by force since 1905 and it is still going on.

We were forced to venture out of this country by going to the United States
of America in January 1996 to defend our Religion and Culture from the false
information and childish lies of the American woman Marlo Morgan making
mockery of our Ancient Culture in her book Mutant Message Down Under which
is still being distributed by Harper-Collins and translated and a film being
planned by United Artists to downgrade us the Original Owners and our struggle
for survival since the white man stepped upon the foreshores of this Continent
with a gun in one hand and a flag in the other and a Bible in his back pocket.

The white Governments want to bombard and pressurise and attack us blacks
and at the same time trying to get total control. They use a small mob of
black people as a weapon. Their aim is to assimilate us to be 4th Class in
his white society system - black on the outside and white in the middle.
They are trying to damage the grassroots teenagers who don't accept the
Whitefellas assimilation. The teenagers want to learn to read and write
but they want to keep their roots, their Aboriginality, their blackfella

In the end it comes back to our Culture and the Land. The Whitefella and
his Government wants to stamp out our Culture so that he can forcibly control
us by the white system and he can dig up and damage and destroy the Land
and grab the minerals and ship them overseas - dollar signs in his eyes.
He is expecting and saying to us the Original Owners "You're not allowed
to have your Birthright, your Ancient Law and Culture and Religion and
Heritage. You are not allowed to have recognition of your Starting Point in


Eric Brunner