Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Jason Eshleman (jae@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU)
6 Sep 1996 23:19:18 GMT

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George Cooper <> wrote:

>Do you have a bibliographical reference which proves me wrong? In this
>case it should be easy for you since this court case is a matter of the
>written record.

Which is why you should provide your reference. Where in the court
proceedings is "Nebraska Man" entered into record? Surely you would agree
that citing one instance where it was entered into record is easier than
wading through the entire text and cite it all to show no record.

The reference to prove you wrong would be the court records that don't
show it being entered. I've read big chunks of it and didn't seem to
find anything about Neb. Man. But maybe I missed something. Why don't
you show me where it is for certainly that should serve all of us better
than anyone else trying to outline all of where it isn't.