Re: Evolution of Sexism

Mary Beth Williams (
6 Sep 1996 23:30:34 GMT

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(Mark K. Bilbo) writes:
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> (Eric Brunner) wrote:
>>This has to be what, the third time you've ignored MB Williams'
>>that she is Wabenaki, not Haudenosaunee.
>>There is a reason for this? Illiteracy? Fixation?? Excesses of
>You think it has something to do with that Westernism of, what was it
>said, "bringing reason to bear on ignorance?"
>Eric, how ya been?

Last I heard, he was still pacing outside the wigwam waiting to hear
the cries of his new papoose ;-D...

Or maybe he was out hunting pickles and gathering ice cream...

MBW (who sure hopes he's unsuccessful in the latter efforts...yuck!)