Re: Bastards -- (not so) long

Doug Reade (
6 Sep 1996 21:13:22 GMT (Lars Eighner) wrote:
>The lovely and talented (tara nikole armijo-prewitt) wrote:
>>This sounds like cool stuff. Can you suggest a few books or articles I
>>could get to read up on these societies?

(Whereupon Lars did us all proud, graciously listed a considerable
bibliography for all interested parties, here snipped for space)

To which I add:

What about the classic studies on the Nacirema tribe, or are they
considered outmoded these days?

Doug "they were all the rage when I was in college" Reade

sig defines a Floydian slip as a. . .well, he's not sure what the best
defination would be, but he is sure that, with that kind of lead-in, he's
going to get a lot of helpful suggestions.