Re: Mead's Daughter

Tom Brown (
6 Sep 1996 22:04:26 GMT

in response to the inquiry about Margaret Mead's daughter:

Mead and Gregory Bateson had a daughter named Mary Catherine
Bateson. This woman is herself a professor of Anthropology
and English at George Mason University.
She has written on a variety of topics within the fields of
Anthropology and Linguistics. In 1990 she published a
comparative biography of five women entitled _Composing a
Life_, which I've heard is quite good. She also co-authored
_Angel's Fear: Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred_ with
father Bateson. Also of interest might be r her memoirs of
her parents, entitled _With a Daughter's Eye_.

I'm new to posting, and hope this doesn't look too messy.

Tom K Brown