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The lovely and talented (Bryant) wrote:

>>Try pulling the 838 on Fang or Azande or Hottenttot (FX13), you'll
>>see what I mean. Count the number of denials, distortions,
>>and (eventually admitted) suppressions. The principal correlate
>>is the candor of the investigator. That's on the record.
>Very, very cool! I will do just that. This seems to me to be
>an important and relevant issue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
>And thanks for the reference!

Good summary of the situation of the literature re:Nama
in 2:Schapera E-4,5 1930 p.242+ FX13 Hottenttot

or 2:Tessmann p. 23, 105, 131+ FH9 Fang versus just about anything
else about the Fang.

On same sex marriage in particular, you can find the denial start
to crumble in the HRAF on Azande, but I am not sure it includes
the main fessing up which is
Evans-Prichard, E. E., "Sexual Inversion among the Azande"
AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST (c 1970) v72,#6, p. 1428+

(this is the only report of male-male marriage with both
parties clearly in the masculine gender--you may not agree that it
is marriage, but whatever it is, you wouldn't know it existed
at all if you read the first half-dozen reports of this much
studied group)

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