Re: Horns, Antlers, Tusks, and the way evolution works

Len Piotrowski (
Thu, 5 Sep 1996 19:01:50 GMT

In article <50hd25$> (Bryant) writes:


>It is, in my opinion, only possible to approach constraint and drift
>explanations by falsifying adaptationist alternatives.

Maybe so. However, if grounded properties and precursor events synchronize
with a trait of no known fitness value, is this, a priori, a false claim?

>The dismissal of adapationist hypothesizing as "just-so story telling" is
>only justified when those doing so cite no supporting evidence and make
>no falsifiable predictions about their hypotheses.

Similarly justified when those making the hypotheses provide no evidence other
than assertion of purpose to defend it's purported efficacy.

>Dismissing working
>hypotheses (which necessarily come before tested hypotheses) is

I would add to this unfounded conjectures disguised as working