Re: ACLU may sue NM Board of Education (was Re: Creationists win...)

Robert Wiegand (
4 Sep 96 14:45:55 GMT (J Hart) writes:

>The evolutionist mind set does not allow a person to gain knowledge of any
>theory but evolution.

Well yes, a mind set that requires actual evidence does have a problem
accepting something like creationism that has no evidence at all.

>Acts of the ignorant in suport of their false belief always tend to center
>around preventing alternate points of view from being taught or considered.

No one has prevented consideration of creationism. As a matter of fact
it has been studied quite a lot and found to have major problems.
If creationism was taught as it really is you wouldn't like the result.
Personally I think it would be great if teachers were allowed to show
just how weak the creatinist position is.

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