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>>the problem with this is that I know of no theory of origins which
>>has scientific credibility other than evolution.
>The evolutionist mind set does not allow a person to gain knowledge of any
>theory but evolution.

There IS no other scientifically credible theory. If you know of one, however,
feel free to post the specifics here. We've all been waiting for one for a
long time.

>Acts of the ignorant in suport of their false belief always tend to center
>around preventing alternate points of view from being taught or considered.

Which explains why Creationists used the courts to prevent evolution from
being taught in school for such a long time. Which explains why Creationists
today fight so hard to remove even superficial references to evolution in our
public schools, leading to fiascos like the one here in New Mexico.

>Evolutionist are probably the largest group of closed minded people on the
>planet today.

Really? Then consier what Dr. Kenneth S. Saladin, of the Department of
Biological and Environmental Sciences at Georgia College in Milledgeville,
Georgia, said:

"It might surprise you that once every year at Georgia College I teach a
course on creationism, called BIO 490, it's Biology Seminar. I have my
students read their book Scientific Creationism, I have them read Dr. Gish's
publications, I have them read the many, uh, some of the books that have been
published in rebuttal, I have them hold debates very much like this one at the
end of the quarter. Every student is required to debate defending evolution on
one day and debate defending creationism on another day."

[Taken from the transcript of the 1988 Saladin-Gish debate]

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