Seeking Brother Behrman pottery/history
5 Sep 1996 20:21:27 GMT

The Sharlot Hall Museum of Prescott, Arizona is searching for pottery
artifacts representing examples of the work of Brother Wilhelm F.O.
Behrman as well any information about his life.

His kilns were located in 2 Church of Latter Day Saints settlements in
north central Arizona, Brigham City and Joseph City. The kilns operated
from 1876 to 1881 and produced a redware that most often had a thin
green (pea/olive-green in tone) lead glaze. There is no evidence that
the pottery had any decorative glazing or inscribing, and unfortunately
there does not seem to be any name, initials or size markings put on any
items. Primary production included milk settling pans, which were large
slant side bowls and crocks of various sizes which had lids with knob
handles. In much smaller numbers were water/milk pitchers, small bowls,
plates or saucers and unglazed marbles.

There is some evidence that the pottery may have been sold as far as
Prescott, AZ., but is most likely concentrated in the area of the Mormon
colonies located along the Little Colorado River. An attempt is being
made to chemically "fingerprint" the pottery to help in identifying
items that specifically were fired in Brother Behrman's kilns.

Should you have any items that fit this description or related history
regarding Mr. Behrman, please contact We
are interested in acquiring as complete specimens possible or discuss a
loan to document this part of the vast history of Arizona and aid in the
study of nineteenth century Anglo pottery production.
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