Re: Pig-headedness and anthropology

Shannon Adams (
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 08:54:14 -0700

Ronald Kephart wrote:
> Shannon Adams <> wrote:
> >And while I personally believe that an individual has the RIGHT to >decide what he/she believes to be correct [...]
> Yes, everyone has the right to their beliefs. But, as I tell my students in linguistics and anthropology classes, unless you can back up your beliefs
with EVI
> For example, I always have linguistics students who refuse to learn that Black English is, from a linguistic perspective, as good an example of human
> You could construct a parallel example using the "creationism" vs. evolution "debate". Which one is backed up by EVIDENCE?
> Ron Kephart
> University of North Forida

But the evidence issue is a big part of a lot of western ethnocentrism. What
will you accept as evidence and what others will accept as evidence may be
vastly different.