Re: Luxembourg Is Nova Chalconia; Luxembourg City Is Hakungoak

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> El Rox wrote:
> > vrgr&hgrr
> Please tell us Engelsmensen what vrgr & hgrr means.

Vrgr&hgrr is an abbrevation of vriendelijke groeten en hartelijk groeten
Rox. Literary: friendly greetings and cordial greeting Rox. Translated:
regardful love and lovely regards or words of that ilk.

> Thanks / Merci / Dank je wel.

Graag gedaan / geen dank / tot je dienst,

> The British Conservative government now forbids policemen the right to participate in Usenet. Freedom of Speech for all including the Cops.

Also as private persons, after work or do they get payed 24 hour per day
all days all year??

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