Re: Brain size, IQ

Bryant (
4 Sep 1996 09:17:50 -0600

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Len Piotrowski <> wrote:

The following is a compilation of statements made by Lenny in a single
post. I've snipped the other posters' comments which provoked Lenny so,
but you can thread back one or two msgs to see them. They were
reasonable points and queries.

>Duh, Firl, we're talking about modern humans!
>Well, duh-h ...
>da, duh-h ...
>duh-h, *duh-h-h* ...
>.. and thus spake Firlmeister.
>Mind posting your cranial capacity, Firl! Entertain us with that anomaly!

Lenny *says* (so articulately, too!) "duh" and "*duh-h-h*" to
clarifications he obviously needed made. Thread back and read the last
two msgs before mine, here, and see.