ScottCrull (
4 Sep 1996 13:49:04 -0400

EVEN if some innocent people are executed, it would still send a strong
method through the criminal community that if they do a crime & get
caught, the only punishment to be metted out would be death. Even though
that (the ultimate sanction) has been tried in the past, it would serve
notice that, as a society, we are fed up with crime. Additionally, the
"heat of passion" arguments are no different. Do the crime & die. It
serves notice that whatever the crime (perhaps an exception could be
parking tickets), there would be one, & only one, punishment - forfeiture
of life.

The death penalty is NOT a crime against humanity - it is a solution to
handle the diseased & deranged group of societal members who take their
aggression out on less fortunate or innocent members of our society. I
would only wish that the law-makers & upholders (Appeal courts) would bend
to the Will of the people & not to their subjective interpretations of
out-molded laws - SEPARATE religion (& conscience) & State.