Re: ACLU may sue NM Board of Education (was Re: Creationists win...)

Bruce Scott TOK (
4 Sep 1996 16:08:45 GMT

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J Hart ( wrote:

: The evolutionist mind set does not allow a person to gain knowledge of any
: theory but evolution.

: Acts of the ignorant in suport of their false belief always tend to center
: around preventing alternate points of view from being taught or considered.

: Evolutionist are probably the largest group of closed minded people on the
: planet today.

: If you want to understand Creation, Create a model of a self evolving
: reality that could be simulated on a computer, and then prove that it could
: have come about by chance.

This phrase, 'come about by chance', should not enter any discussion of
evolution, because evolution is not a random phenomenon. You need to
understand that before you can contribute in a useful way.

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