Re: ACLU may sue NM Board of Education (was Re: Creationists win...)

David Hultgren (
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 16:21:16 -0700

J Hart wrote:
> In article <50bigb$>,
> says...
> >
> >In article <50a8ib$>, says...
> >>
> >>I today's _Albuquerque Journal_, the front-page news is that the ACLU
> >>will sue the board of education in New Mexico
> >The NM state Board of Education has come under the influence of a
> >rabidly anti-evolutionist physicist from Sandia National Laboratories by
> >the name of Roger X. Lenard.
> >the problem with this is that I know of no theory of origins which
> >has scientific credibility other than evolution.
> The evolutionist mind set does not allow a person to gain knowledge of any
> theory but evolution.

Sure does, You see...
Just come up with something that fits the avalible data better.
(including fossil layer, biology science, physics coral dating a.s.o.)
The problem is, creationism failed this years ago, nobody but
scientifically uneducated persons believe in that anymore.

> Acts of the ignorant in suport of their false belief always tend to center
> around preventing alternate points of view from being taught or considered.
> Evolutionist are probably the largest group of closed minded people on the
> planet today.
> If you want to understand Creation, Create a model of a self evolving
> reality that could be simulated on a computer, and then prove that it could
> have come about by chance.

Already done, they are many examples, most famous is probably "Tierra"
and "Amoeba".
According to Your statement above, Do You admitt that You are wrong now?

> Sincerely
> J Hart.