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>>>What happens in the cultures you have in mind when a husband finds out
>>>about the trysts? What cultures, in fact, are you describing?
>>He is delighted, especially if there is some prospect of offspring.
>>The biological father's family will almost certainly attempt to
>>ransom the child. [snip]
>This sounds like cool stuff. Can you suggest a few books or articles I
>could get to read up on these societies?

You could start with whatever text they use for the kinship and marriage
course at unm. Here are few more basics. I don't endorse them
all in every detail. But for opening yourself to some understanding
of how it is possible that other people have different ways of
organizing themselves, these should give you a start:

(LC=Library of Congress call number; DD=Dewey Decimal call
number; ISBN=International Standard Book Number.)

Colson, Elizabeth (1917- ). Marriage and Family among
the Plateau Tonga of Northern Rhodesia.
(Manchester: 1958).
Driberg, J.M. The Lango: A Nilotic Tribe of Uganda
(London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1923) DD:572.967.615
Eighner, Lars (1948- ). Gay Cosmos. (New York: Hard Candy, 1986)
Evans-Pritchard, Edward Evan (1902-1973) The Azande:
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illus., geneal. tables, maps, ports. 23 cm.
Bibliography: p. (436)-439 LC:DT 132 E78
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p. 14-15. LC:DT 132 E79
Evans-Pritchard, Edward Evan (1902-1973) Witchcraft,
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an Intro. by Eva Gillies (Oxford: Clarendon Press,
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Bibliography: p. (255)-257. LC:DT 133 A95 E92
Ford, Clellan Stearns (1909- ) and Frank Ambrose Beach
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foreword by Robert Latou Dickinson (New York:
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Uniform title: Drei Abhandlungen zur
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essay by Steven Marcus; translated and newly
edited by James Strachey).
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DD:960 J949H. ISBN:0684162911 &:0684164116 (pbk.)
Malinowski, Bronislaw (1884-1942) The Sexual Life of
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Sons, Ltd., 1932) l, 505, (1) p. front., illus.
(plan) plates, maps. 26 cm. LC:HQ 504 M36 1932A.
Robert Mond expedition to New Guinea, 1914-1918.
(With a grain of salt.)
Maquet, Jacques Jerome Pierre (1919- ). The Premise of
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Relations in a Central African Kingdom. (London:
Published for the International African Institute
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[The following 3 are easy reading but dubious scholarship]

Turnbull, Colin M. The Forest People. (Garden City,
N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1962, c1961). xii, 305 p.,
(7) leaves of plates : ill., maps ; 19 cm. LC:DT
650 B36 T87 1962.
Turnbull, Colin M. The Lonely African. (New York:
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Ware, Caroline Farrar (1899- ). Greenwich Village
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Williams, F.E., Papuans of the Trans-Fly. (Oxford:
Clarendon, 1936).

[The following is especially good.]

Wilson, Monica Hunter. Good Company: A Study of
Nyakyusa Age-Villages. (Boston: Beacon Press,
1963) 278 p., (17) p. of plates: ill., maps; 21
cm. Includes index. Bibliography: p. (275)-276.
DD:572.9678 W695G. (=HRAF FN17 NGONDE 1:WILSON.)

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