Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

JoAnne Schmitz (
Mon, 02 Sep 1996 18:24:32 GMT

Matt Beckwith <> wrote:

> (David Vanecek) wrote:

>>There are societies of humans who do not correlate copulation with
>>pregnancy. 'American urban teenager' is one such sub-society.

>I think you're thinking of the American suburban teenager. The American
>urban teenager has sex with the man she's interested in (without a single
>thought of marriage) and understands that she will get pregnant. She is
>hoping that he will stick around as a result of the baby. She is
>planning to go on AFDC. In a sense, she's married to the U.S.
>Government. It's really amazing. I ask these women when I see them in
>my office what they do for a living, and they look at me dumbfounded, as
>if to ask, "What makes you think I'd have a job?"

As would my mother, if you had asked her when she had me in arms. As
might your mother have.

What is it about being a poor mother, compared to a well-off one, that
makes one less deserving of support? I hope you're not one of those
wankers who bemoans the abandonment of the infant by its horrible
status-hungry mother returning to her lawyering or computering but
expects the maid to show up on time a week after her baby is born.

And what office are you in, anyway? If you're interviewing AFDC
mothers, you're sucking off the public tit just as they are.

>>This, and the horrid practice of
>>milk drinking (failure to wean), is why American men are weak-willed,
>>effeminate, violent, and increasingly prone to perversion.

>What an interesting idea. I can see that only being around women might
>make a man weak-willed and effeminate (though the most popular guys among
>my friends were the ones raised by women, perhaps because they understood
>women well), but I don't see the connection between being raised by women
>and violence and perversion.

I don't even see the connection between only being around women and
being weak-willed and effeminate.

JoAnne "strong-willed and human" Schmitz
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