Re: Brain size, IQ

Ralph L Holloway (
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 10:07:04 -0400

I guess I've missed some of the earlier discussions of brain size. I
notice from the previous post that there is a claim that Neandertals,
while having large brains, had relatively small frontal lobes, and a lot
of cerebellum, etc. This is sheer nonsense. The more sloping frontal of
Neandertals is not an indication of the size of the frontal lobe of the
Neandertal brain. The frontal lobe is about 38% of the cerebrum in modern
humans, chimps, and surely, Neandertals. The cerebellar lobes are not
relatively larger in Neandertals than in modern Homo sapiens. Aside from
shape differences of the brain endocasts, I haven't been able to identify
any "primitive" characteristics in Neandertal brain casts.
R. Holloway