Anthropology Govt Tech Reports Available

Michael Ravnitzky (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 07:27:05 -0600

DTIC, a government technical agency, has a large number of government
technical reports on subjects related to anthropology. They can
supply you with a technical report bibliography on just about any
specific subject you want. These are reports you probably haven't
seen before in your area of interest.

You'll have to select your own keyword(s). I suggest you select
between two and six keyword(s). Please select your keywords carefully
and include plural(s) like I just did.

The fee is likely to be only a couple of dollars, but you have to
agree to pay fees in advance so that they won't hold up the processing
of the request to write back.

To get your list of reports, simply send a letter of request as


To: Defense Technical Information Center
Attn: DTIC-RSM (Kelly D. Akers, FOIA Manager)
8725 John J. Kingman Road, Suite 0944
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6128 USA
Phone: 703-767-9194

Dear Ms. Akers:

I request the following records under the provisions of the Freedom of
Information Act:

A computer generated technical report bibliography (all years) of
reports on the subject(s)/keyword(s) of:

________________ OR _________________ OR ________________ OR

_______________ OR _________________ OR _______________

This is a request for DTIC records, please don't forward my request to
NTIS. Please include both classified and unclassified records in your
search. If any of the records are classified, please review them for
release, or the release of nonsensitive portions.

I believe that I fall into the fee category "all other requesters"
because I am an individual, noncommercial requester and this request
is not being made for commercial purposes. [[or else mention if you
instead fall into the category "for profit business" or "educational
or scientific organization" or "representative of the media"]] But
please do not hold up this request while you determine the proper fee
category. I also agree to pay up to $35 for reasonable fees
associated with this purpose.