Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

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3 Sep 1996 00:29:49 -0500

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The lovely and talented (sgf) wrote:

>Um, cites, please? In all the reading I've done for my degree, in most
>of the cultures, men almost always marry, or at least form long-term
>pair-bonds with women. Even in societies that have no penalty for
>illegitimacy (of which there are many).

This is misleading.

In societies in which marriage is universal, marriage is purely a
property arrangement. Romance, if it happens, is expected to occur in
the bush. That people are put the yoke together doesn't mean
they are forming "long-term pair-bonds."

Yes, I know, filtering the facts through the "they lived happily
ever after" fairy-tale and the myth of the "noble savage"
does present a pretty to picture to some. But it just isn't true.

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