Re: idiots

wd&aeMiller (
2 Sep 1996 23:13:34 GMT

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>I'm not sure if this is the group for this topic, but here goes;
>I live in a small mining town in Pennsylvania.
>For the past hundred years, "the best and the brightest"
>of each high school graduating class ( some 30-40% )
>have left home to seek their fortunes "in the city".
>This has happened generation after generation.
>What is the probability that the remaining gene pool
>will create a future town population of ( I don't know
>how to put this delicatly ) "idiots"!!
>Have any such studies been done??
>Any conclusions?

Is anyone new moving into the town you live in, or is it becoming
smaller and smaller each year? If no one new moves there, then it
would seem that you would end up inbreeding and then, yes, there is a
possibility of damage to the gene pool. If there are new people moving
in as your best and brightest move away, I don't see a problem.
Unless, of course, your teachers are moving away also, and there is no
one left to pass on knowledge to the younger generations.