Re: IQ and Testosterone?

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Tue, 03 Sep 1996 04:15:51 GMT (Bryant) wrote:

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>Larry Caldwell <> wrote:
>>Stephen Barnard <> wrote:
>>> Wow, talk about jumping to conclusions! Which "prejudice" do you
>>> disagree with:
>>> * that "MRI data show that men and women use different parts of their
>>> brains to do the same tasks," or
>>Yep. That's a load of horseshit, pseudoscientific simplification foisted
>>upon the ignorant to justify prejudice. In fact, some men and some women
>>use different parts of their brains for different purposes, and the
>>variation can be profound within the same sex and altered by training.

>I clearly stated that different pathways lead to similar outcomes.

>Such a statement supports no prejudice.
>It is only as "pseudo-" scientific as magnetic resonnance imagining
>technology itself is.

>>> * "I've also seen fine science done by female brains"


Okay, I'm jumping in. How is it that you think an MRI can show what portion of
your brain is in use at any given time? Brain activity cannot be shown on an
MRI - it is for visualizing tissues - especially soft tissues. So, while it can
show physical damage to the brain, it cannot show which portions of the brain
are "in use".

Perhaps a PET scan, with which I am less familiar, as well as some electrical
studies, but not an MRI.