Re: Cultural selection - Electronic book available for discussion

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Sun, 1 Sep 1996 21:09:43

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>From: (Agner Fog)
>Subject: Cultural selection - Electronic book available for discussion
>Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 19:35:14 +0100

>Allow me to introduce a new interdisciplinary theory for cultural change.
>This theory has important consequences for several branches of science,
>and therefore needs to be discussed in a broad forum.

>In order to facilitate this discussion, I have published my theory as an
>electronic book and made it available at:



The introduction appears to be extreemly well-researched, so I am inclined
to read further. However, I noticed the section on "economic" models, which
cited the work of Nelson, did not refer to the literature on the "population
ecology" model of organizational behaviour, such as _Organizations and
Environments_ by Freeman and Aldrich (if memory serves). Several studies in
the past few years have been published on the life cycle of firms,
organizational survival, specialism and generalism, and so on. I'm not sure
if you believe that literature to be off-topic, or whether you were unaware
of it (seems unlikely :).