Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

trevor rigler (
1 Sep 1996 20:30:56 GMT

Stephen F. Schaffner (sschaff@roc.SLAC.Stanford.EDU) wrote:

: When? I didn't know that the Supreme Court had ever ruled on teaching
: creationism in public schools. More to the point, I haven't heard of
: any court decision that would block individual teachers from teaching
: creationism; the only decisions I know of blocked _state-mandated_
: teaching of creationism.

Well, sharpie, according to a _Chicago Trib_ article by Jeremy Manier in
today's _Albuquerque Journal_, the Supreme Court ruled in '87 that
creationism is a religious doctrine and cannot be taught in public schools.

More importantly, even *if* the only decisions blocking
creationschizoidism happened at the state level, wouldn't that violate
some sort of equality-in-education statute? A high school grad from a
state where creationism is taught in school would be at a severe
disadavantage at the collegiate level, compared to hs grads from states
where science eductaion is based in *fact*.

So stick that in your prayer book. Pardon me for my undisguised
bitterness, but I'm reminded of the anti-sex ed goons who stripped the
health and biology books at my rural high school of any notions of how
babies are made. I resented that, having been born and all.

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