anthropology texts to be saved (Sydney)

Danny (
2 Sep 1996 15:05:42 +1000

Sydney Uni is holding their annual book sale, and as usual they are
getting rid of a large number of old library books they no longer need
multiple copies of. This year there are lot of classic works of
ethnography -- works such as Malinowksi's _Coral Gardens and Their
Magic_, Fortes' _The Web of Kinship Among the Tallensi_, Firth's _The
Work of the Gods in Tikopia_. All being sold for a couple of dollars
each and the depressing thing is that the unsold books will be
pulped! The thought is enough to make me cry, so I am buying as much
as I can carry away. I doubt I'll ever find the time to read most of
them, but there's room for another box of books under the house.