Re: Brain size, IQ

Stephen Barnard (
Sun, 01 Sep 1996 16:50:24 -0800

ScottCrull wrote:
> As an anthropologist, I believe that there is no question that there is NO
> evidence which may be gathered to ever ascertain that IQ is directly (or
> indirectly) related to skull size. Rather, it lies within the genetic and
> chemical makeup of the brain itself & how the "user" chooses to make use
> of it. Granted there are people who use a greater part of their brain
> verses others who use substancially less of it, but the underlining
> reasons for this occurrance is vague & the subject of further forensic
> study.

Here are a couple of anecdotal "facts" that have some bearing on this
question. Make of them what you like.

* Anais Nin (not sure of spelling), an accomplished artist, had a very,
very small brain.

* There are well-documented cases of people whose cortex was very
compromised (like maybe 95% destroyed) who appeared to be more-or-less

Steve Barnard