Re: IQ and Testosterone?

Larry Caldwell (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 06:12:45 -0700

> > (Bryant) wrote:

> >> And MRI data show that
> >>men and women use different parts of their brains to do the same tasks.
> >>But I've also seen fine science done by female brains, and agree with you
> >>that telling women not to bother is unfortunate.

This sort of prejudice only arises from the innumeracy of the general
public and their inability to understand statistics. Statistical
knowledge of a population conveys *no* information about an individual
member of that population. Thus, you have Ada, Lady Lovelace single
handedly inventing the science of computer programming, a feat that
could have been accomplished by perhaps only a dozen of the greatest
mathematical minds in history. If Babbage had managed to build his
difference engine, Ada Lovelace could have made it run.

The individual is never bound by statistics.

-- Larry