Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Stephen F. Schaffner (sschaff@roc.SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
30 Aug 1996 16:49:00 GMT

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HARRY R. ERWIN <> wrote:
>Bryant ( wrote:
>: I want to make sure that this thread's readers are made aware that I
>: (accidentally) exaggerated the gravity of the situation in NM.
>: Creationism is *not* mandated by the new school board
>: guidelines--evolution has simply been removed as a requirement for
>: biology classes. The issue of creationism is "left open" to the
>: individual teachers.
>: Bryant
>It'll bounce once it hits the courts. This has already been hashed out in
>the Supreme Court.

When? I didn't know that the Supreme Court had ever ruled on teaching
creationism in public schools. More to the point, I haven't heard of
any court decision that would block individual teachers from teaching
creationism; the only decisions I know of blocked _state-mandated_
teaching of creationism.

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