Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

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Sat, 31 Aug 1996 00:08:06 GMT

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>Holly Reeser wrote:
>> >
>> > I really hope you're exaggerating here. But...maybe it's
>> > time for a real Scopes II trial. This has been brewing
>> > for a while. I think the creationists don't realize that
>> > they're waking the sleeping giant that is the scientific
>> > community. It should be great fun to watch Phillip Johnson,
>> > Michael Behe, and David Berlinski crushed like the bugs
>> > they are in a public squishing.
>> Agreed.....I am not sure that this post on the New Mexico schools is
>> true...a story like this would have hit the T.V. and papers by now....the
>> Funadamentalists would have jumped on may just be a hoax to take
>> up space and time on this newsgroup...I've seen it done before. I would
>> suggest taking it with a grain of salt.....
>> But it would be quite awesome to hear Stephen Gould thunder away at the
>> Supreme Court!

>Scopes II has already occurred. Haven't you heard? In fact there was a
>book by that title. Did you read it? In fact, I think that we are
>getting ready for Scopes IV.

>Speaking of Scopes, he wrote his own story called THE CENTER OF THE
>STORM. I read it. Did you? He said he did not know enough about
>evolution to have taught it. He simply LIED at the trial and claimed
>that he had taught evolution, at the request of the ACLU, so that they
>could have a test case.

Facinating! It was my understanding that Scopes never testified as to
whether he had taught evolution. And he did not teach it because he
was absent that day. And people on both sides wanted a test case.

>At the trial, Clarence Darrow held up the tooth of an extinct pig and
>claimed that it was from Nebraska Man!

No scientific evidence was allowed in the trial.

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