Re: Human evolution and religious beliefs.

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Wed, 27 Sep 1995 16:11:11 GMT

: Really, I fear it's quite misplaced antagonism........

: motivating truth, one could take issue with what I say. But as far as I am
: aware, today's data has not produced anything along those lines. People who

If you reject the notion of miracles, then you are rejecting a
possible source of data. Different people use different filters
for data. If you claim your filter is inherently correct, you
are making the same claim as the bible-thumpers.

: So that I may go a step further and say that the war against creationism
: or conservative Christianity in general, if waged with full understanding of
: the issues I have raised, is really a war between religionists; a holy war.

If by "religionist" you mean anybody who believes in a god(s), yes, you
are misplacing antagonism. Not every religious person rejects science
and accepts creationism.

: A modern-day holy war! What a sight. Will wonders never cease.

My mom always said it takes two to make a fight.

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