Re: Evolutionary purpose of female orgasm.

eric strayer (
27 Sep 1995 05:38:58 GMT wrote:
: The series on the Discovery channel _The Human Animal_ had
: an interesting film segment during the human sexuality episode.
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: - Sex Meister
Sorry I missed that episode, but I found that show awfully cheezy!
As well, I fin D. Morris to be a simple-minded fool. (God! I
actually said it out loud!?) Additionally, the show was
touted as being controversial, and if I recall correctly, they
_claimed_ it was banned in England. More likely they couldn't
sell it due to its limited academic foundation.

But the question about the order of orgasms is interesting.
It needs, however, to be contextualized in a pre-missionary
manner. I doubt that pre-historical people had the same
considerations as we do now for sharing pleasure. Maybe a
real anthropologist can fill in the blanks here (I'm a
socy, not an anthro).

Oh yeah, another poster asked how an orgasm might be
filmed, referring to X-rays etc. Well, just maybe
the filming CAUSED the orgasm ;-) Hey, it's not impossible.