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Mon, 25 Sep 1995 15:11:22 GMT

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Jay Hanson <> wrote:
>In article <>, says...
>-> Well, human civilization is a very recent evolutionary phenomenon,
>->and there is absolutely no reason to think that it is the final
>->stage in the functional evolution of the Universe.
>-> There are lots of ideas in transhumanism on what, when, and how
>->may happen next; you can find many references at my Web site; I could
>->also e-mail you some texts I have in ASCII.
>You mean that your are just playing "make believe"?
>Seem harmless enough, but be sure to get your homework done first!
I do not understand this comment.
Transhumanist philosophy is definitely an extrapolation, but so is
all futurology, all science, and all other theories.
If you want to avoid any extrapolation, you find yourself confined
to a list of established facts - and *that* is definitely "play",
or "make believe" wisdom. The strength of a theory is in the scope
of its extrapolations.

*I* have done my homework; I have also included links to practically
all publicly available sources on transhumanism and grand-scale
futurology in general into my Web site, so you could visit it and do
*your* homework - and then share your opinions on whose ideas are
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