Re: Future of Humans - was: Having a child is immoral, the Earth is overcrowded!

Alan King (
Sat, 23 Sep 1995 22:06:20 GMT

Does evolution make leaps, or much more cautious baby steps. I
wonder? In article <>,
>In article <43a9ga$>,
>Jay Hanson <> wrote:
>>In article <>, says...
>>>In my opinion, however, humans have enough resources until the
>>>makes the next great leap - and the transhuman "civilization" will
>>>entirely different means and goals.
>>Could you elaborate?
> Well, human civilization is a very recent evolutionary penomenon,
>and there is absolutely no reason to think that it is the final
>stage in the functional evolution of the Universe.
> There are lots of ideas in transhumanism on what, when, and how
>may happen next; you can find many references at my Web site; I could
>also e-mail you some texts I have in ASCII.
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