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23 Sep 1995 07:20:56 GMT

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: Question?

: What is 'qualitative research'?

: Is it inherently different from theology or
: from hoemeopathy, or any other loony-tunes
: belief system? If so, how?

mmm... It is a research methodology, that is not tied exclusively to
feminism, and is used in history, social sciences, politics, community-based
research, and anthropology etc... It is the opposite to quantitative
research, i.e. quantifying data into statistical numbers (surveys etc)...
Qualitative research strives to use a single (or combination of)
research method(s) (focus groups, indepth interviews: structured or
unstructured, participate observation, case studies, oral histories etc) to
understand cultures/groups/individuals etc from their
perspective/beliefs, and most importantly their meanings and patterns etc...


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