Re: Review of How 'Native

J. Moore (
Fri, 22 Sep 95 09:23:00 -0500

Sm> : training and skills of interpretation one possesses, they are
Sm> : worthless without containing understanding of, compassion for, and
Sm> : even identification with cultural differences, that no amount of

Sm> At which point you're no longer doing science. It's difficult to observe
Sm> and hypothesise in any case, but when you load yourself with alot of
Sm> emotions, you're making it harder.

Sm> While it's one thing to be emotional about the field, you should be
Sm> dispassionate and detached from what you are actually observing.

You're making the assumption that this is actually possible for
human beings (being dispassionate and detached). It can't be done.
Better is to realise that the feelings are there and deal with it
rather than pretend.

Jim Moore (

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