Affordable Didital Clinicl Photography
21 Sep 1995 02:08:06 GMT

New Product Announcement

Use Your Camcorder As A Digital Clinical Camera

The NIAMTU VIDEO IMAGING SYSTEM is a portable, affordable alternative to expensive digital imaging systems. This system
includes all the necessary hardware and software to use your IBM compatible PC or laptop computer running Windows 3.1 or
Windows 95 and a camcorder (or endoscope, intraoral camera, VCR, TV, or any camera with an S-video input) to capture and
manipulate images. The battery operated external capture device plugs into your printer port and the imaging software install in
minutes. Once captured, images can be enhanced, edited, cut, pasted, cropped, or warped. One can input any image into their
work processor or any Windows application. You can add text to images and make lecture slides or multimedia shows with your
images for case presentation or patient education. Images can be compressed, archived, and sorted. In addition, images can be
printed in 16.7 million colors or greyscale. The morphing function allows surgical predictions or special effects. Images are
captured at 740x480 resolution. The system has S-video capabilities and printer pass through. The system retails for $850 and
has a money back guarantee. No more film or processing necessary. For a free brochure send your name and mailing address to