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Susan Whitham (
21 Sep 1995 17:32:49 GMT

Joseph Askew ( wrote:

[Flame-bait - and I couldn't help myself ;-) ]

Firstly, there is a hell of a lot of information out there concerning
the impact of mankind's agricultural and industrial activities on the
environment of the planet. One of the problems you seem to have is
that any discussion that disagrees with your somewhat limited, naive
view is labelled as "more greenie bullshit". Many of the top scientists
across the planet have stated time-and-time again that the future of
life on this planet is potentially at risk (potentially, granted, but
it's a hell of a gamble - especially given that most of the proposed
scenarios are reportedly under-estimates).

There are numerous scientific journals/catalogues/books that contain
vast amounts of information and many laboratories involved in envir-
onmental research are on the net. To get you started (presuming you
are actually interested in finding out about the subject) I've tagged
on a few pages on the net (easy to contact as a starting point :):

The Information Unit on Climate Change (established by the UNEP in
1991 and now co-sponsored by the WMO) has a good starting page at:
It's a bit mild but a good jumping off point ;)

Also available (and very good) are the UNEP fact sheets on climate:

The Smithsonian Oceans in Peril page (lots of pickies :):

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - Convention Text:

The 1995 Berlin Climate Summit (a beginners guide :) :

The Ciesin Climate Change Gopher:

The WWW Virtual Library Environment List 'o Lists:

That should do for now...most of those pages have links to others, and
if you want others, groups such as Greanpeace have a large quantity
of other info, and links to other information sources (Yeah, I know,
they're terrible nasty greenies...but they do have a lot of scientific
information hidden around the place ;)

By the way, does anyone out there have a copy/information about the
petition of leading scientists concerning the environmental impact
on the human race on the planet....a huge number of world's top
scientists signed (from about 3 or 4 years back now) including many
Nobel Prize Laureates (sp?)...I kept a copy but
wiped by a friend :)

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