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On 15 Sep 1995, Gerold Firl wrote:

> In article <43a171$> (Mike Holley) writes:
> > Does any know of any theories or evidence suggesting that our
> >early ancestors practiced cannibalism.
> In _primitive mythology_, joseph campbell reports the conclusions of
> the early excavations of h. erectus and early h. sapiens sites which
> deduced cannibalistic practices from the way bones had been opened -
> particularly skulls and long bones.
> I vaguely recall reading speculation about some of the australopithecus
> finds which seemed to show evidence of skulls which were opened to
> extract the brains, and long bones broken for the marrow, but can't
> provide you with a reference; campbell might be worth a look though.
> I'm not sure how early you mean when you say "early ancestors".
> Cannibalism has been widely documented throughout the world; only among
> the aztecs does it appear to have had the potential of supplying a
> significant source of protein, as opposed to largely ritual
> significance, but this is fairly contemporary data. Three million years
> ago the hominid line had both a vegetarian branch (the robust
> australopithecines) and more hunting-oriented omnivores; the vegetarian
> branch died out, but I expect that their nutritional value was
> utilized. %^)
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In D. Lambert's "The Field Guide To Early Man" (pg. 151), He states that
Neandertals practiced cannibalism as a ritual.
S. Hardig